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Michael Mayfield, BSN, RN, CCRN

Orlando, Florida

Clinical Expertise

Emergency Medicine
Medical Records
Orthopedic Surgery
Wound Care/Pressure Sores

Primary Areas of Expertise

Critical Care

Standards of Care


My name is Michael Mayfield. I am a registered nurse with a combined 10 years of nursing experience. I am currently enrolled in my Master’s of Forensic Nursing at Fitchburg State College. I have taken a Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate course through Lock Haven University. I perform DMEs, Case Merit Assessments, Record Review/Chronologies, and Expert Witness work for plaintiff and defense.

My Nursing Expertise include: Standards of Care, Critical Care, Neurology/Neurovasc, Neurosurgery, Stepdown, Ortho/Spine, Med/Surg, Trauma, Camp Nursing, ER, and Sexual Assault/Forensics.

I offer a FREE Initial Consultation and make myself available to clients via phone/email as needed throughout the case. I offer a simple fee schedule and willing to negotiate to your needs. Let me help you decide if your case has merit. Physicians are extremely expensive and nurses can provide many of the same services for a fraction of the cost. I allow you to dedicate your time and resources to focus on what you know best, the Law. I will focus on sorting through medical records and exams and provide a detailed, highlighted, easy to follow report for you and your experts. I am also available to testify to my findings in court.

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