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Dennis Collins RN MSN (Ed.) CCRN-K CNE (Cl), MBA

Irwin, Pennsylvania

Clinical Expertise

Advanced Prehospital Care
Correctional Issues
Education Issues
Plaintiff and Defense Experience
Policies and Procedures

I have over 30 years of full-time healthcare experience in a variety of clinical, managerial, and educational roles. I have been providing legal services for over 10 years, and have experience in a wide variety of cases. I have additional certifications in nursing education and critical care.

My background includes prehospital advanced care, critical care and emergency care nursing and management, case management, corrections, clinical documentation, and quality assurance.
I am presently employed as a part-time nursing educator. Teaching critical care and a variety of other nursing course content.



  • Medical Record Review- I have both experience and certification in clinical documentation review.
  • Identify and interpret the medical record.
  • Prepare and explain the chronology of medical events
  • Summarize and translate the medical record
  • Screen medical-related cases for merit
  • Identify deviations from applicable standards of care
  • Develop written case analysis reports, including research from relevant professional texts and literature.
  • Identify issues with evidence gathering or forensic related concerns
  • Locate and/or scree n potential testifying experts
  • Serve as an expert witness and testify to applicable nursing standards of care
  • Assist with exhibit issues and demonstrative evidence
  • Attend Independent Medical exams (IMEs)
  • Provide valuable insight into the medical facts surrounding a case



  • MSN (Ed.) University of Phoenix
  • BSN Carlow College Pittsburgh
  • MBA California Coast University



  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support -Instructor
  • Pre-Hospital RN (PA State)
  • CCRN-K – AACN certification for critical care nurse educators. (Critical Care Knowledge Professional) critical care certification for nurse-educators. AACN.
  • Certified Nurse Educator (CNE (cL.) )- NLN accreditation as clinical nurse- educator.




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