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Alisa Edmonds-Hatten, BSN-RN, CLNC

Detroit, Michigan

Clinical Expertise

Control Nurse
Director of Nursing

Alisa Edmonds-Hatten, BSN-RN, CLNC, Notary Public. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Davenport University in Warren Michigan in 2011.

With 25+ years in nursing practicing through-out Michigan. Alisa can find exactly what you need to win a case. She knows how to turn even the most involved case into a coherent, interesting narratives that’s easy to follow and presents persuasively to a jury or during medication for a quick settlement. She’s intimately familiar with the nuances and subtleties of the healthcare system. Her CLNC services are far more cost effective than those of a physician so give your law practice the competitive medical edge to win cases and save money by consulting with me today.



Determining whether your case has merit starts with the right report prepared for you, the attorney, In the bus and ever- changing world of health care, establishing the essence of the case, uncovering the issues, researching the major topics, and developing the report you need, will provide you the upper hand. And by having the facts of the case ready for you, the decision to proceed or to stop will be made easier for you.

Once contracted to review your case (s), we screen and summarize the medical records, and at your request, provide the requested report per your preference. Our goal is to provide the facts of the case and deliver to you a prompt report to ensure that you have all the information you need to help you determine you next step. From simple to complex reports, the different types are: Verbal – Brief-Moderate- Chronological- Comprehensive.

When we screen a case, we are able to render an opinion as to whether or not the case is meritorious, defensible or should not be undertaken. Out nursing experience and the intensive legal nurse consulting training and certification program have prepared us to use our expert screening skills to uncover that one essential fact that can either make or break your case. With our diligent work ethic we deliver a professional report that will save you valuable time and resources. We have been working with, reviewing, and critiquing medical charts throughout our careers; therefore, we can quickly complete what you have requested and be ready to move onto the next responsibility. In total, we, as CLNC’s, offer many important services to attorneys that will provide you and your Law Practice with that competitive edge over your peers. With your legal expertise and our medical expertise, you will have the winning combination for unparalleled success.

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